Adobe InDesign 2019


Adobe InDesign is a layout software that takes images and text and lay them out across pages. InDesign is best used for working with multiple page documents like books, magazines, brochures, portfolios and can even be used to create business cards, letterheads, posters, and flyers. Graphic designers and production artists are the primary users of this desktop publishing software. It can also be used in conjunction with other Adobe products primarily Photoshop and Illustrator.

In the InDesign course, you will be instructed by a top professional in the design industry that holds the titles of 2D Animator and Adjunct Professor of Animation and Digital Art. You will first be shown how to navigate through the InDesign work area and how to create a new document and import images. You will be introduced to “master pages”, an important tool in creating multi-page projects, then you move onto other tools like creating tables and packaging. This course will be also going through more advanced techniques and design methods as well as types of exports.

Course Videos

This course contains the following modules and videos. Click the down arror to view video details.

  • 1.1 Instructor Bio
  • 1.2 Course Intro
  • 2.1 Creating a New Document
  • 2.2 Importing Images and Understanding Links
  • 2.3 Basic Tools and Navigating the Interface
  • 2.4 Properties Panel
  • 2.5 Creating Your Own Graphics within InDesign-
  • 2.6 Working with Layers
  • 3.1 Color Theory
  • 3.2 Adding and Altering Fills, Strokes, Colors and Gradients
  • 4.1 Pages Panel
  • 4.2 Master Pages
  • 5.1 Typography Terms and Definitions
  • 5.2 Creating Text + Character and Paragraph Formatting
  • 5.3 Character and Paragraph Styles
  • 5.4 Wrapping Text Around an Image
  • 5.5 Working with Tables
  • 6.1 Saving, Preflight and Packaging Your Document
  • 6.2 Exporting a PDF
  • 7.1 Principles of Design
  • 8.1 Letterheads
  • 8.2 Business Card
  • 8.3 Brochure
  • 8.4 Multi-Page Binded Document
  • 8.5 Print Booklet
  • 9.1 Creating a Template in InDesign
  • 9.2 Using Step and Repeat
  • 9.3 Grouping Objects
  • 9.4 Island Spread & Page Tool-
  • 9.5 Scripts
  • 9.6 Object Styles
  • 9.7 Content Collector & Content Placer
  • 9.8 Gap Tool
  • 9.9 Pathfinder Pallet
  • 10.1 Considerations When Working with Interactive Documents
  • 10.2 Web Docs, Hyperlinks, Buttons and Rollovers
  • 10.3 Creating Your Own Path
  • 10.4 Exporting
  • 11.1 Outro

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