Forensic Investigator in Computer Hacking


Course Description

Gain knowledge in the specific security discipline of computer forensics from a vendor-neutral perspective. This course will fortify the application knowledge of law enforcement personnel, system administrators, security officers, defense and military personnel, legal professionals, bankers, security professionals, and anyone who is concerned about the integrity of the network infrastructure.

The “Ethical Hacking” and “Forensic Investigator in Computer Hacking” course(s)  are unofficial programs that have been developed by IT Nuggets independently of EC-Council. EC-Council has not been endorsed, sponsored or certified this material at any time whatsoever. Usage of these material/books does not provide any guarantee of passing the EC-Council exam.

Course Videos

This course contains the following modules and videos. Click the down arror to view video details..

  • Intro To Course-Part1
  • Intro To Course-Part2
  • Intro To Course-Part3
  • Intro To Course-Part4
  • Intro To Course-Part5
  • Intro To Forensics-Part1
  • Intro To Forensics-Part2
  • Intro To Forensics-Part3
  • Intro To Forensics-Part4
  • Intro To Forensics-Part5
  • Intro To Forensics-Part6
  • Intro To Forensics-Part7
  • Intro To Forensics-Part8
  • Forensics Investigation Process-Part1
  • Forensics Investigation Process-Part2
  • Forensics Investigation Process-Part3
  • Forensics Investigation Process-Part4
  • Forensics Investigation Process-Part5
  • Forensics Investigation Process-Part6
  • Forensics Investigation Process-Part7
  • Forensics Investigation Process-Part8
  • Forensics Investigation Process-Part9
  • Forensics Investigation Process-Part10
  • Searching And Seizing-Part1
  • Searching And Seizing-Part2
  • Searching And Seizing-Part3
  • Searching And Seizing-Part4
  • Searching And Seizing-Part5
  • Digital Evidence-Part1
  • Digital Evidence-Part2
  • Digital Evidence-Part3
  • Digital Evidence-Part4
  • Digital Evidence-Part5
  • Digital Evidence-Part6
  • Digital Evidence-Part7
  • First Responder Procedures-Part1
  • First Responder Procedures-Part2
  • First Responder Procedures-Part3
  • First Responder Procedures-Part4
  • First Responder Procedures-Part5
  • First Responder Procedures-Part6
  • First Responder Procedures-Part7
  • First Responder Procedures-Part8
  • Forensic Lab-Part1
  • Forensic Lab-Part2
  • Forensic Lab-Part3
  • Forensic Lab-Part4
  • Forensic Lab-Part5
  • Hard Disks And File Systems-Part1
  • Hard Disks And File Systems-Part2
  • Hard Disks And File Systems-Part3
  • Hard Disks And File Systems-Part4
  • Hard Disks And File Systems-Part5
  • Hard Disks And File Systems-Part6
  • Hard Disks And File Systems-Part7
  • Hard Disks And File Systems-Part8
  • Hard Disks And File Systems-Part9
  • Hard Disks And File Systems-Part10
  • Windows Forensics-Part1
  • Windows Forensics-Part2
  • Windows Forensics-Part3
  • Windows Forensics-Part4
  • Windows Forensics-Part5
  • Windows Forensics-Part6
  • Windows Forensics-Part7
  • Windows Forensics-Part8
  • Windows Forensics-Part9
  • Windows Forensics-Part10
  • Data Acquisition And Duplication-Part1
  • Data Acquisition And Duplication-Part2
  • Data Acquisition And Duplication-Part3
  • Data Acquisition And Duplication-Part4
  • Data Acquisition And Duplication-Part5
  • Data Acquisition And Duplication-Part6
  • Data Acquisition And Duplication-Part7
  • Recovering Deleted Files And Partitions-Part1
  • Recovering Deleted Files And Partitions-Part2
  • Using Access Data FTK And Special Steps-Part1
  • Using Access Data FTK And Special Steps-Part2
  • Using Access Data FTK And Special Steps-Part3
  • Using Access Data FTK And Special Steps-Part4
  • Using Access Data FTK And Special Steps-Part5
  • Using Access Data FTK And Special Steps-Part6
  • Using Access Data FTK And Special Steps-Part7
  • Using Access Data FTK And Special Steps-Part8
  • EnCase-Part1
  • EnCase-Part2
  • EnCase-Part3
  • Stenography-Part1
  • Stenography-Part2
  • Stenography-Part3
  • Stenography-Part4
  • Passwords-Part1
  • Passwords-Part2
  • Passwords-Part3
  • Passwords-Part4
  • Log Correlation-Part1
  • Log Correlation-Part2
  • Log Correlation-Part3
  • Log Correlation-Part4
  • Log Correlation-Part5
  • Log Correlation-Part6
  • Network Forensics-Part1
  • Network Forensics-Part2
  • Network Forensics-Part3
  • Network Forensics-Part4
  • Wireless Attacks-Part1
  • Wireless Attacks-Part2
  • Wireless Attacks-Part3
  • Web Attacks-Part1
  • Web Attacks-Part2
  • Web Attacks-Part3
  • Web Attacks-Part4
  • Web Attacks-Part5
  • Web Attacks-Part6
  • Web Attacks-Part7
  • Web Attacks-Part8
  • Email Crimes-Part1
  • Email Crimes-Part2
  • Email Crimes-Part3
  • Email Crimes-Part4
  • Mobile Investigation-Part1
  • Mobile Investigation-Part2
  • Mobile Investigation-Part3
  • Mobile Investigation-Part4
  • Mobile Investigation-Part5
  • Investigation Reports-Part1
  • Investigation Reports-Part2
  • Investigation Reports-Part3
  • Investigation Reports-Part4
  • Expert Witness-Part1
  • Expert Witness-Part2
  • Expert Witness-Part3

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