Introduction to Animation


Course Description

Animation comes from the Latin words “anima,” which means “life,” and “animare” which means “to breathe life into” Animation consists of still images (called “frames”) with slight differences between them. When viewed together in a sequence, they give the illusion of motion – like a flipbook.

When thinking about Animation projects, what first comes to mind?

Movies and cartoon shows are what people tend to think of first, as they’re the most mainstream. Animation also encompasses:

Video Games/Interactive media
Reconstructing events (for courtroom, education or television)
Education – Help explain difficult concepts in a visual way, such as medicine or science.
Internet memes/Animated Gifs
Websites/Splash Pages

Course Videos

This course contains the following modules and videos. Click the down arror to view video details.

  • 1.1 Introduction
  • 1.2 What is Animation – Part1
  • 1.3 What is Animation – Part2
  • 1.4 Bouncy Ball Demo – Part1
  • 1.5 Bouncy Ball Demo – Part2
  • 1.6 Bouncy Ball Demo – Part3
  • 1.7 Pendulum Demo – Part1
  • 1.8 Pendulum Demo – Part2
  • 1.9 Platform Pendulum Demo – Part1
  • 1.10 Platform Pendulum Demo – Part2
  • 1.11 Principles of Animation – Part1
  • 1.12 Principles of Animation – Part2
  • 1.13 Bouncy Ball in Perspective Demo – Part1
  • 1.14 Bouncy Ball in Perspective Demo – Part2
  • 1.15 Flag Wave Demo – Part1
  • 2.1 Weight Demo – Part1
  • 2.2 Weight Demo – Part2
  • 2.3 Weight Demo- Part3
  • 2.4 Breaking a Character Down Into Basic Shapes – Part1
  • 2.5 Breaking a Character Down Into Basic Shapes – Part2
  • 2.6 Breaking a Character Down Into Basic Shapes – Part3
  • 2.7 Boil Demo – Part1
  • 2.8 Boil Demo – Part2
  • 2.9 A Take Demo – Part1
  • 2.10 A Take Demo – Part2
  • 2.11 Staggering Demo – Part1
  • 2.12 Staggering Demo – Part2
  • 2.13 Staggering Demo – Part3
  • 2.15 Head Turn Demo – Part1
  • 2.16 Head Turn Demo – Part2
  • 2.17 Head Turn Demo – Part3
  • 2.18 Head Turn Demo – Part4
  • 2.19 Walk Cycles Demo – Part1
  • 2.20 Walk Cycles Demo – Part2
  • 2.21 Walk Cycles Demo – Part3
  • 2.22 Run Cycles Demo
  • 2.23 Dialogue Demo – Part1
  • 2.24 Dialogue Demo – Part2
  • 2.25 Dialogue Demo – Part3
  • 2.26 Dialogue Demo – Part4
  • 2.27 Conclusion

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