Java Programming


Java is a general purpose programming language that is concurrent, class based, object oriented, and specifically designed to have as few implementation dependencies as possible. Being that Java is an underlying technology and required by many applications and websites, you will find it in places like business applications, data centers, game consoles, utilities, desktop computers, laptops, smart phones and more.

This online training course will cover various levels of Java Programming including beginner, intermediate and advanced. It covers a complete introduction to object oriented programming as well as many other core Java features. This course is just as helpful for a beginner as it is for systems engineers, web application developers, mobile app developers, software engineers and any other potential student with a technical background.

Course Modules & Videos

The Java Programming course is organized into the following modules. Click a module title to view the video list contained in each section.

  • Introduction
  • History Of Computer Programming
  • Categories Of Programming Languages
  • Condensed History Of Java
  • Software Life Cycle
  • Programming General Terms
  • Downloading And Installing Java
  • Programmer Editors And Integrated Development Environments Part 1
  • Programmer Editors And Integrated Development Environments Part 2
  • Installing Eclipse
  • Understanding Identifiers
  • Unicode And Java Syntax
  • Variables Constants And Literals
  • Field Member And Variable Components
  • Primitive Data Types Part 1
  • Primitive Data Types Part 2
  • Primitive Data Types Part 3
  • Operators Part 1
  • Operators Part 2
  • Escape Characters
  • Type Conversions And Type Casting
  • Java Reserved Words
  • Commenting
  • Abstract Data Types
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • What Is An Object?
  • Eclipse Lab
  • String Class Part 1
  • String Class Part 2
  • String Class Part 3
  • Date Class
  • Simple Date Format Class
  • Scanner Class Part 1
  • Scanner Class Part 2
  • Decimal Format Class Part 1
  • Decimal Format Class Part 2
  • JFrame Class
  • Container Class Part 1
  • Container Class Part 2
  • Methods
  • Naming Methods
  • Implementation Method Hiding
  • Method Variables And Literals
  • Invoking A Method
  • Methods And Multiple Arguments
  • Methods Lab
  • Method Overloading
  • Creating Objects
  • Constructor Declarations
  • Overloading And Default Constructors
  • While Loop
  • While Statement
  • For Loop
  • Array Structures
  • Constants And Array Sizes Part 1
  • Constants And Array Sizes Part 2
  • Exceptions And The Try Catch Block
  • Conclusion

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