Microsoft 70-467 – Designing Business Intelligence Solutions with SQL Server 2012


Course Description

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Our Microsoft 70-467: Designing Business Intelligence Solutions with SQL Server 2012 is one of the many sql courses available at IT Nuggets Online. This SQL course prepares students to use the Microsoft SQL Server 2012 BI tools and is focused on the Microsoft 70-467 exam.

Students taking this online course will learn Microsoft SQl Server 2012 can be used to build robust business intelligence solutions using the tools already available in Microsoft SQL Server 2012. Topics like Introduction to Business Intelligence, Power Pivot, Extract, Load and Transform (ETL) methods, Microsoft SSIS, creating drill-down reports, building business intelligence fact tables and more are included.

Course Lesson Preview Video

Take this opportunity to view a lesson included in this course that is part of our complete sql courses available.

About the Exam for Microsoft 70-467

The exam covers the following key focused areas.

  • Plan business intelligence (BI) infrastructure (15–20%)
  • Design BI infrastructure (15–20%)
  • Design a reporting solution (20–25%)
  • Design BI data models (30–35%)
  • Design an ETL solution (10–15%)

For the most recent information regarding this exam, we encourage you to visit the Microsoft website.

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Course Videos

This course contains the following modules and videos. Click the down arror to view video details.

  • Introduction
  • The Business Intelligence Solution
  • Overview Of Business Intelligence
  • BI And Power Pivot Demo
  • ETL Intro
  • Designing Data Warehouses
  • Design For Speed
  • BI Semantic Model
  • Basic Database Objects Demo
  • Stored Procedures And Triggers Demo
  • Database Clusters Demo
  • SQL Server Management
  • Table Triggers
  • DB Config Options
  • DB Backup
  • DB Files And Restore
  • Database Schema
  • Create Table & Tablespace – Part 1
  • Create Table & Tablespace – Part 2
  • Create View
  • Create Index
  • Create Sequence
  • Report Building Intro Setup Demo
  • Using Report Builder Demo
  • Processing Data From Web Service Demo
  • Reporting From Multiple Tables Demo
  • Report Function And Matrix Demo
  • Interactive Reports Demo
  • Sorting Report Data Demo
  • Drill Through Reports
  • Data Visualization
  • Creating Store Procedure From Scratch
  • Memory Optimize Table
  • Building Our First Integration Project
  • Data Transformation
  • Introduction To Big Data
  • Transformation Using Store Procedure
  • Transformation Using SSIS
  • Building Fact Table Using Store Procedure
  • Building Fact Table Using SSIS
  • Functions
  • More Functions
  • Group Functions
  • Custom Functions
  • BI Review
  • SharePoint Overview
  • SharePoint Demo
  • Exam Prep
  • Before You Take The Exam
  • Conclusion
  • Regular Expressions
  • SQL Loader
  • Create and Manage Operators
  • Create and Manage SQL Agent Alerts
  • Configure Policy-Based Management
  • Configure Policy-Based Management Lab
  • Identify Available Space on Data Volumes
  • Identify the Cause of- Manage Performance Degradation
  • Identify the Cause of- Manage Performance Degradation Lab Part 1
  • Identify the Cause of- Manage Performance Degradation Lab Part 2
  • Configure and Monitor Log Shipping
  • Configure and Monitor Log Shipping Lab Part 1
  • Configure and Monitor Log Shipping Lab Part 2
  • Windows Server Failover Cluster
  • Manage Shared Disks
  • Configure Cluster Shared Volumes
  • Configuring WSFC Lab
  • Database Mirroring
  • Create an Availability Group
  • Manage Failover
  • Configure Read-Only Routing
  • Create Distributed Availability Groups
  • Configuring Always On Availability Group Lab Part 1
  • Configuring Always On Availability Group Lab Part 2
  • Conclusion

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