Quickbooks Point of Sale (POS)


QuickBooks Point of Sale helps retailers go far beyond the cash register with an easy-to use, affordable, scalable, customizable, integrated software and hardware system. It handles routine tasks so retailers can pay more attention to running their business. The solution can track inventory, sales, and customer information, giving retailers more time to think about what to stock, how to price merchandise, when to reorder, and how to serve their customers better.

Course Modules & Videos

The Quickbooks Point of Sale (POS) course is organized into the following modules. Click a module title to view the video list contained in each section.

Module 1: Creating and Setting Up Your Point of Sale Company File

  • Intro To Point Of Sale
  • Creating And Setting Up Point Of Sale

Module 2: Installing your System

  • Determining Your Point Of Sale Additions

Module 3: Navigating and Customizing the Home Page

  • Navigating And Customizing The Homepage

Module 4: Company Preferences

  • Company Preferences

Module 5: Financial- Setting up QuickBooks Connection

  • Setting Up Quickbooks Connection

Module 6: Setting up Sales Tax

  • Setting Up Sales Tax

Module 7: Workstation Preferences

  • Workstation Preferences

Module 8: Additional Features

  • Additional Features

Module 9: Employees and Security

  • Employees And Security

Module 10: Customers

  • Customers

Module 11: Rewards Program

  • Toggle Content goes here

Module 12: Vendors

  • Vendors

Module 13: Setting Up Your Inventory

  • Toggle Content goes here

Module 14: Item Styles, Assemblies, and Group

  • Adding Styles Assemblies And Groups

Module 15: Working with Inventory

  • oggle Content goes here

Module 16: Sales

  • Sales

Module 17: Working with Price Levels and Discounts

  • Working With Price Level And Discounts

Module 18: Collecting Sales Tax

  • Collecting Sales Tax

Module 19: Adding Shipping Information (Pro/MS)

  • Adding Shipping Info

Module 20: Tracking Sales Commissions

  • Tracking Sales And Commission

Module 21: Taking Payment and Giving Change

  • Taking Payments And Giving Change

Module 22: Recording Tips

  • Recording Tip

Module 23: Handling Tricky Sales Returns

  • Handling Tricky Sales And Returns

Module 24: Working with Sales Orders, Work Orders, and Layaways

  • Working With Sales And Work Orders

Module 25: Purchasing Merchandise

  • Purchasing Merchandise

Module 26: Receiving from a PO

  • Receiving Purchase Orders

Module 27: Managing Inventory

  • Managing Inventory

Module 28: Reporting

  • Reporting Point Of Sales

Module 29: QuickBooks Financial

  • Quickbooks Financial

Module 30: Multi-Store

  • Multi-Store

Module 31: Protect your data

  • Protecting Your Data

Module 32: Adding Third Party Applications

  • Adding 3rd Party Apps
  • Summary of Point of Sale

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