Social Media


Social Media is the new word of mouth, and has replaced traditional communication mediums in recent years. Most people are only scratching the surface on the interesting things they can do with these social media websites. This Course Bundle includes 10 hours of training covering Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Reddit, Pinterest and many others.

Course Modules & Videos

The Social Media course is organized into the following modules. Click a module title to view the video list contained in each section.

Module 1.0 Introduction

  • Social Media Introduction
  • Creating A Google Account
  • Setting Up Your Twitter Account
  • Getting Your Twitter House In Order
  • Why Facebook For Your Business
  • Using Facebook As A Business
  • Setting Up Your Business Page
  • Setting Your Cover Photo
  • Tying It All Together
  • Tip-Adding Admins In Facebook

Module 2.0 Adjusting Your Facebook Settings

  • Adjusting Your Settings-Part1
  • Adjusting Your Settings-Part2
  • Adjusting Your Settings-Part3
  • Updating Your Page Info-Part1
  • Updating Your Page Info-Part2
  • Tips For Getting 25 Likes
  • Using Facebook As Your Business Page

Module 3.0 Posting on Facebook

  • What Kind Of Person Would Your Business Be
  • How To Post To Facebook
  • What To Post
  • Sharing Posts
  • Sharing Links
  • Pinning And Highlighting With Posts
  • Tips For GeneratingTraffic
  • Getting Notifications And Staying In Clients News Feed
  • Comment Moderation
  • The Activity Log-Where Do Hidden Posts Go
  • Scheduling Posts

Module 4.0 Facebook Advertising

  • Intro To Facebook Advertising
  • Setup Advertising Account
  • Types Of Advertising On Facebook
  • Ad Testing
  • Choosing Our Audience-Location
  • Choosing Our Audience-Age And Gender
  • Choosing Our Audience-Precise Interests
  • Choosing Our Audience-Broad Categories
  • Choosing Our Audience-Connections
  • Choosing Our Audience-Advanced Targeting Options
  • Choosing Our Audience-Campaign And Budget
  • Other Types Of Ads-Part1
  • Other Types Of Ads-Part2
  • Ad Campaign Manager-Part1
  • Ad Campaign Manager-Part2
  • Outside URLs
  • Building Ad Text
  • News Feed Format And Creating Your Audience
  • Campaign Pricing And Schedule
  • Ad Campaign Tracker

Module 5.0 Facebook Insights

  • Facebook Insights-Overview Intro
  • Analyzing Page Posts
  • Engaged Users
  • Talking About This
  • Virality
  • Likes
  • Reach
  • Reach And Frequency
  • Page Visits
  • Talking About This
  • Conclusion

Module 6.0 Facebook Analytics

  • 6.0 New Facebook Analytics Overview
  • New Facebook Analytics Overview
  • Page Likes
  • 6.1 Page Likes
  • Post Reach
  • 6.2 Post Reach
  • 6.3 Page Visits
  • Page Visits
  • Posts
  • 6.4 Posts
  • People
  • 6.5 People

Module 7.0 Twitter

  • Limiting the Number Of Actions
  • Setting Your Twitter Preferences
  • Finish Setting Up Your Profile
  • Twitter Widgets
  • Who To Follow
  • Connect
  • Bringing Followers From Facebook
  • Intro To Hashtags
  • Examples Of Hashtags
  • Monitoring Whats Going On
  • Using Twitter For Social Listening
  • Social Media Tips
  • Hashtags Across Social Media

Module 8.0 Pinterest

  • Overview Of Pinterest
  • How Does Pinterest Relate To Your Business
  • Industry Specific Sites
  • The Uses of Pinterest
  • Conclusion Of Pinterest

Module 9.0 Reddit

  • Introduction To Reddit
  • The Rules Of Reddit

Module 10.0 Tumblr

  • Tumblr Introduction
  • Setting Up A Tumblr
  • Dashboard
  • Posting To Tumblr
  • Testing Your Post
  • URL Post
  • Chat Post
  • Audio On Tumblr
  • Video On Tumblr
  • Tumblr Conclusion

Module 11.0 LinkedIn

  • Introduction To LinkedIn
  • Overview Of The Interface And Settings
  • Open Link Settings
  • LinkedIn Groups
  • Adding And Removing Applications
  • Basic Account Settings
  • Updating Your Public Profile
  • LinkedIn Connections Groups And Pages
  • LinkedIn Channels And Today
  • Advertising On LinkedIn

Module 12.0 Google+ and Youtube

  • Introduction To Google Plus
  • Overview Of The Interface
  • Setting Up A Google Plus Page
  • Linking Your Other Social Networks
  • Linking Your Website To Your Google Plus Page
  • Review Of Your Google Plus Dashboard
  • Notification Settings For Google Plus
  • Photo Settings In Google Plus
  • Google Plus And YouTube
  • YouTube Advanced Settings
  • Interface For Uploaded Video
  • Sharing Videos Across Your Social Network
  • Updating Your About Section
  • Quick Recap Of Everything Covered So Far

Module 13.0 Best Practices

  • Determine Your Goals
  • Create Your Persona Or Voice
  • Decide On Your Platforms
  • Establishing A Social Media Manager
  • Coordinate With Customer Service
  • Create A Predetermined Crisis Management Plan
  • Stick To The Script
  • Building Relationships With The Media
  • Find Your Evangelist
  • Stay Informed-Part1
  • Stay Informed-Part2

Module 14.0 Additional Tools

  • Bitly
  • Woobox-Part1
  • Woobox-Part2
  • Hoot Suite-Part1
  • Hoot Suite-Part2
  • Storify
  • Social Media Rules And Tips
  • Tweet deck-Boolean Search
  • Social Media Conclusion

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